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Posts tagged "medical malpractice"

Medical malpractice: Jury rules in favor of deceased man's family

Typically when a person in Massachusetts is experiencing chest pain, medical care professionals are alarmed and spring into action. They need to determine whether the chest pains are a symptom of a serious condition, such as a heart attack. If appropriate tests are not conducted, the patient's condition likely cannot be adequately diagnosed and treated. An out-of-state jury has recently ruled in favor of a family who claims that medical malpractice led to their loved one's death.

Birth injury among medical malpractice issues in Massachusetts

The birth of a baby is typically an exciting and joyful occasion for Massachusetts parents waiting to welcome a child into the world. However, doctor or nursing negligence can result in errors that cause birth injuries which turn a joyful occasion into a tragic event. In the aftermath of such incidents, grounds may exist for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in a civil court.

Jury awards over $10 million after failure to diagnose meningitis

Parents know all too well the panic experienced as a result of a sick child. A parent may feel helpless regarding decisions concerning his or her child's care. However, once a parent in Massachusetts makes the decision to seek medical treatment for a child, there is an expectation that the child will be appropriately treated. Unfortunately, one out-of-state mother claims that her son has been harmed because of emergency room physicians' failure to diagnose his infection.

Family wonders if medical malpractice led to baby's death

The birth of a baby should be a time of celebration of life for parents in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, an out-of-state delivery turned into a time of mourning for one family after the death of the baby. The family is now seeking answers to questions regarding the doctor's decisions and actions during the delivery and whether medical malpractice could have been a factor in the infant's death.

Failure to diagnose liver cancer led to man's death

It is possible that nearly everyone in Massachusetts has been impacted by cancer -- either personally or due to the experience of a friend or family member. While serious, many forms of cancer can be treated if caught in time. Unfortunately, the family of one out-of-state man claims that a doctor's failure to diagnose his cancer increased the chances that it would prove fatal.

Diagnostic errors are significant cause of medical malpractice

Most patients who seek medical care in Massachusetts place a great deal of faith in their health care providers. Specifically, they trust that their medical issues will be adequately diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, many people are victims of medical malpractice every year. In fact, a recent study claims that a majority of people will experience some form of diagnostic error in their lifetime.

Lawsuit filed after failure to diagnose led to multiple surgeries

Many doctors focus on seeking all of the answers when treating a patient. However, some in Massachusetts may seize what appears to be the obvious explanation for a person's symptoms, potentially resulting in a failure to diagnose the real issue. One out-of-state man claims that doctors who assumed that his issues stemmed from a flare up of a previously diagnosed condition overlooked his the real problem.

Failure to diagnose allegedly led to Massachusetts woman's death

Thanks to medical advances, labor and delivery is much safer for women and babies than it was 100 years ago. However, it is not without risks, and what should be a time for a family celebration can quickly turn to tragedy if there is a failure to diagnose potentially fatal conditions related to pregnancy. A lawsuit claims that such a failure led to the death of one Massachusetts woman.

Man claims failure to diagnose abscess led to paralysis

Doctors in Massachusetts and across the country must undergo rigorous training in order to be able to diagnose the many different ailments from which a patient may suffer. Patients typically put their trust in their medical care providers, expecting adequate diagnoses and treatment their disorders -- especially those issues that could cause extensive damage if left untreated. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man claims that medical care provider's' failure to diagnose a cervical abscess led to his paralysis. A jury as recently agreed with his medical malpractice claims.

Birth injury could lead to medical malpractice claim

Expectant parents in Massachusetts and across the country anticipate the birth of their child to be a time of joy and excitement. However, one woman claims that medical malpractice ultimately led to her daughter's severe, lifelong disability. Unfortunately, some feel that this woman's case may be just one example of serious issues at the hospital where her child was born.

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