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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Man killed in Massachusetts workplace accident

As employees head to work each day, most probably do not worry about the possibility of never returning home. Unfortunately, one never knows when a serious workplace accident may end his or her life. After a recent workplace incident, one Massachusetts family is now mourning the loss of a young man.

Man injured on the job when working in Massachusetts high school

Contractors provide a wide variety of valuable services. They are knowledgeable in their specialized fields and offer their services to whomever seeks out their skill and experience. Unfortunately, not every job goes as planned, and one can be injured on the job when unforeseen circumstances arise. One contractor suffered serious burns while working at a Massachusetts high school.

Wrongful death lawsuit may be an option after a work accident

When someone is killed because of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, the family may consider a wrongful death lawsuit. But what are the legal options for a family when a loved one is killed at work? Because of workers' compensation death benefits, a wrongful death lawsuit may not be an option in every situation. However, Massachusetts readers have the right to explore all legal options after an accident.

Working can be deadly based on statistics for workplace accident

The expression stating that hard work never hurt anyone is apparently a fallacy based on current statistics. Indeed, the chances of suffering a workplace accident may be surprisingly high. These accidents can occur across all segments of industries and in every portion of the country, including Massachusetts.

OSHA investigates fatal workplace accident on bridge project

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was recently notified of a fatal incident. It is now investigating the workplace accident that led to the death of a 61-year-old construction worker. This accident did not occur in Massachusetts, but families here have lost loved ones in similar tragedies.

Family of worker killed could possibly seek wrongful death suit

Construction work is dangerous, even under the best conditions. If a company has been negligent in ensuring workers' safety, then the possibility of a deadly accident increases. In some circumstances, Massachusetts laws may enable surviving family members to file a wrongful death suit when they have lost a loved one through a fatal work accident.

Massachusetts man injured on the job in serious condition

Every job carries a certain degree of risk, no matter how many precautions the employee may take. However, there may be some occupations that are inherently more dangerous and may result in a worker being injured on the job. Jobs that require a worker to ascend ladders pose a greater danger, as one Massachusetts man knows only too well.

Forklift catches on fire in workplace accident

When there is a workplace injury, many times the work safety authorities are called in to assess the situation. They will be looking to see if there were any safety violations that could have caused an accident at a workplace in Massachusetts or in any other state. This is what happened after a recent workplace accident that involved a forklift catching on fire.

Serious workplace accident leaves 6 injured

Factory work can be a dangerous undertaking even when every employee follows every safety protocol. That point was brought home once again when a serious workplace accident left six steelworkers hurt, one of whom was classified as seriously injured. The plant is not located in Massachusetts, but workers in every state could potentially suffer injuries on the job.

Workplace accident kills sewer construction worker

There are some career fields that are inherently more dangerous than others, such as the construction industry. Despite federal regulations that work to keep the occurrence of a workplace accident to a minimum, accidents still occur. When accidents occur in a Massachusetts workplace, especially in cases where a fatality may have occurred, it is likely that the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) will conduct an independent investigation.

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