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Posts tagged "wrongful death"

Wrongful death suit could stem from Massachusetts accident

When a fatal accident occurs, it can sometimes take an extended period of time before the situation can be settled. In many cases, investigations must be done and court proceedings must take place. As a result, family members of accident victims may have wrongful death claims pending for some time before they can be fully addressed.

Fatal Massachusetts car accident could prompt wrongful death suit

What may have started as a quick walk around the neighborhood ended tragically for a 55-year-old Massachusetts woman. The woman was killed while walking down the street in an area that was just minutes from her home. Her family could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit in response to the tragedy.

Massachusetts man could face wrongful death lawsuit

A Massachusetts man was cited recently for vehicular homicide for his supposed role in a fatal car accident last September. The man could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit as well. A hearing regarding the criminal charge has been scheduled tentatively for early spring.

Wrongful death lawsuit possible in Massachusetts auto accident

Accidents happen. It is an undeniable fact of life. Luckily, they can sometimes be just a minor inconvenience. Other times, however, they are more serious and have life-altering effects. A car wreck that happened about two years ago is in the latter category for a Massachusetts teenager who could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit for his role in its occurrence.

Massachusetts wrongful death: Mattress fell from Rte. 128 pickup

Experienced drivers in Massachusetts and elsewhere know to expect the unexpected when driving. It can sometimes be the difference in keeping a near-miss from becoming an actual accident or even a wrongful death. Unfortunately, even excellent drivers cannot always anticipate what is going to happen or the effect it will have on their lives.

Massachusetts woman suffers wrongful death in ambulance crash

Most everyone knows that when an ambulance sounds its siren to indicate that it is in the area, the standard procedure is to pull over and let it pass. It is the best way to ensure the vehicle can pass safely and get the injured or sick person inside to their destination as quickly as possible. Indeed, most states have a "move over" law that requires motorists to yield the roadway to emergency vehicles (such as an ambulance) with their red and/or white lights operating. The wrongful death of a Massachusetts woman illustrates what can happen when that is ignored.

Man accused in wrongful death indicted in Massachusetts

Many car accidents are caused by people who are driving while drunk. It is not an unusual occurrence for someone who is inebriated to make a driving decision that causes an auto accident. When that accident results in a wrongful death, legal action may be the next logical step.

Hearing set in wrongful death of Massachusetts woman

Typical Massachusetts teenagers should have a myriad of opportunities available to them. They are young and just starting to make their mark on the world. That bright future can change in an instant, however, if an automobile accident causes the wrongful death of another person.

Massachusetts postal worker's wrongful death caused by heat

Neither rain nor snow will stop the mailman. It's a common saying and part of the unofficial motto of the United States Postal Service. When the determination to carry on, no matter what the Massachusetts weather brings, results in a wrongful death, that saying may require some tweaking.

Fatal Massachusetts accident may prompt wrongful death lawsuit

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is not only against the law, it's dangerous to everyone involved. When paired with a high rate of speed, driving while impaired can prove to be deadly. A Massachusetts man who allegedly did both could potentially face a wrongful death lawsuit in the aftermath of a car accident that left two people dead and two seriously injured.

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