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Highway And Interstate Accidents

Massachusetts highways are crowded, constantly under construction, subject to dangerous weather conditions and filled with distracted drivers. Unfortunately, these conditions make for a dangerous situation and often result in serious accidents. If you are involved in a crash, you should first seek out medical attention, but your next call should be to a qualified personal injury attorney.

At Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, we are renowned for our service and our skills when it comes to handling motor vehicle accidents. We will immediately begin working to recover the compensation you deserve.

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Dangerous Highways In Massachusetts

Our Boston highway accident lawyers can help you if you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident on any Massachusetts highway or turnpike that involves:

  • Construction zones
  • Weather conditions
  • High-speed driving
  • Distracted driving

We will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident using state-of-the-art technology and experts in forensic investigation. We will use this for the purposes of negotiation as well as litigation, if a trial becomes necessary.

We will also determine the extent of injury — broken bones to permanent disability — with assistance from leading medical specialists and help you every step of the way with every type of insurance claim. This will involve showing insurers and other relevant parties how the accident affects every aspect of your life.

Construction Zone Accidents

If a driver in Massachusetts gets a ticket for speeding in a construction zone, the fine doubles. Determining whether a driver was speeding or otherwise negligent is a critical factor in determining who was at fault in your accident. After a car or truck accident in a construction zone, there are many potentially important facts that have to be fully investigated. A prompt investigation by an experienced personal injury law firm will help put you in a position to receive the compensation that you are eligible for from all sources.

  • Was the other driver violating traffic laws?
  • Was negligence on the part of the work crew in the construction zone a factor — for example, did the crew leave debris on the road where your crash occurred?

Injured Construction Workers

If you were a construction zone crew member and were injured on the job, you are most likely eligible for a workers’ compensation claim — and in addition, you may have a third-party liability claim against anyone else other than your employer. The third party may be a motorist who was driving through the construction zone — or a subcontractor whose negligence caused the accident that injured you.

Driver And Passenger Injuries

Having an experienced passenger injury lawyer on your side who understands the law and the best legal options for recovering full money damages can make all the difference in your accident case, whether you were the driver or passenger.

Can I File An Accident Injury Claim If My Own Driver Was At Fault?

Can I file an injury claim if my own driver (spouse, parent, child, etc.) was at fault? The answer is a clear yes. A passenger injured in a motor vehicle accident always has the right to file for money damages, no matter which driver was at fault for the accident.

Will The Driver Have To Pay Money Damages For My Personal Injury?

Massachusetts drivers carry insurance for passenger injuries, and that insurance will cover the injuries you sustained in your accident. In addition to liability coverage, Massachusetts has personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for medical bills and lost wages, and your driver may also have medical payment coverage — MedPay — that covers additional medical bills.

Maximizing Your Recovery

When we meet to discuss your accident and injuries, we will explain how the law will impact your particular personal injury case and recovery. We will coordinate all of your benefits to maximize your final recovery, including health insurance benefits (Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance), bodily injury coverage, PIP and MedPay.

Don’t Take Your Injuries Lightly, And Don’t Settle Until You Talk To Us.

Highway accidents often result in serious injuries. There is no such thing as a minor whiplash or neck injury. Nerve and muscle damage can result in serious pain and rehabilitation for years. A closed head injury such as a concussion can lead to severe brain damage if not treated properly, and can mean expensive medical bills and loss of earnings for your family.

Before you settle with an insurance company adjuster for an insufficient amount, speak with an experienced attorney. We will help you decide what your best options are for obtaining the money you are entitled to, no matter what your injury:

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