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Case Results

Elderly male pedestrian struck in a crosswalk in Boston, Massachusetts, suffering leg fractures and a concussion. $675,000.00.

Male bicyclist, not wearing a helmet, struck in the head by the side mirror of a passing truck in Boston, Massachusetts, suffering a subdural hematoma. $350,000.00.

Male driver rear-ended by a commercial vehicle in Sherborn, Massachusetts, suffering serious back injury requiring surgery. $335,000.00.

Female bitten by large, ferocious dog in Dedham, Massachusetts. As dog owner tenant had disappeared, claim pursued against property owner for negligence in allowing dog on property. $25,000.00.

Female slipped and fell on ice and snow in mall parking lot in Hanover, Massachusetts, suffering an ankle fracture. $150,000.00.

Female slipped on uneven pavement in hotel resort, suffering an ankle fracture $100,000.00.

Male driver rear-ended in Weymouth, Massachusetts, suffering a rotator-cuff injury. $100,000.00.

Male driver stuck in collision in Brockton, Massachusetts, shoulder injury. $108,000.

Defendant driver crossed center lane and struck client vehicle head on, causing leg fracture. $250,000.

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