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Find Out If You Are Eligible For Workers’ Compensation

“Am I eligible for workers’ compensation?”

This is one of the most frequent questions we hear from prospective clients. Oftentimes, individuals who have been injured on the job or while performing job-related duties are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

But the process is not always easy, and valid claims are often denied. This is why it is important to work with an attorney during the workers’ compensation claims and appeals processes.

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Determining Eligibility For Workers’ Compensation

According to Massachusetts statutes, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation after a workplace accident on the following conditions for workers’ compensation eligibility:

  • You were injured on the job.
  • You “worked in the service of another”
  • Your employer had purchased workers’ compensation for you as required by law.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance was purchased on your behalf (by your employer, or on your own) from an authorized insurer.
  • Your injury took place or your disease or condition developed in connection with activities of the job — not including sports or recreational activities such as company picnics.

Additionally, these industry-specific conditions apply:

  • You were not a seaman engaged in interstate or foreign commerce.
  • You were not employed to engage in professional athletics, with a contract that allowed for payment of wages during any period of disability resulting from activities of the sport.
  • You were not a real estate agent paid by commission.
  • You were not a sales person paid by sales made rather than by time worked
  • You were not a taxi driver working as an independent contractor.
  • You were not a person whose employment is not in the usual course of the trade, business, profession or occupation of the employer.

Other workers’ compensation eligibility qualifications or disqualification may apply in your case, depending on specific circumstances. Discuss your questions about your workers’ compensation eligibility in Massachusetts with an attorney of the law offices of Dane Shulman Associates, LLC.

Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Claims

Your injury accident at work can involve more than a workers’ comp claim. We will investigate the incident to determine who else may be held responsible for your injuries. Equipment makers, drivers and other third parties who cause injury can be held liable for financial compensation.

You don’t have to face the often complex and frustrating process of filing for your rightful workers’ compensation benefits alone. We are here to reduce the hassle while you focus on making a full recovery. Our Massachusetts workers’ comp lawyers can advise you on how to obtain benefits, how long they should last and how to appeal if your claim is turned down or if your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier refused to pay needed medical treatments or wage replacement that you expected.

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