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M.G.L. c. 90 sec. 34M Personal Injury Protection Benefits

M.G.L. c. 90 sec. 34M Personal Injury Protection Benefits Attorneys

Car insurance provides benefits for auto accident victims.  In addition to your bodily injury claims, you will be eligible for $8,000 of personal injury protection benefits for lost wages and medical bills. Unfortunately, these policies are so complex that victims often settle for benefits far less than what they are entitled to. For more than 50 years, the Dane Shulman name has been associated with helping car accident victims across Massachusetts secure the benefits they deserve.

Protecting the Victims of Auto Accidents Under No-Fault Insurance

Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, victims are entitled to compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Massachusetts personal injury protection (PIP) law provides thousands of dollars of protection to vehicle drivers and passengers. The law that determines PIP benefits can be very confusing, but we understand your rights and options.

After your accident, your insurance company will send you to see a doctor and try to cut off your benefits. This is when we step in. Our staff will coordinate with your insurance company to help you gain back the PIP benefits you deserve. It is our goal to help you maximize your financial recovery. If your insurance company refuses to negotiate, we can file suit.

Find Out More About Your Right to PIP Benefits

Without a party to take the blame, insurance companies will do everything they can to not have to pay benefits. But there are benefits out there and we can help you get them. If you are unsure about your claim, our Boston PIP benefits lawyers offer free initial consultations, so you can learn more about your rights and options with no obligation.

From our offices in Boston, we represent personal injury and insurance bad faith victims across Massachusetts. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more.

“We’ll get you what’s rightfully yours, and that’s that!”

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