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We Hold People Accountable For Accidents Caused By Texting And Driving

Studies have shown that texting while driving is as dangerous as — or even worse than — drunk driving. Yet, people continue to text while they drive and continue to cause serious accidents and injuries to others. These drivers are clearly negligent, and victims may be eligible for compensation.

Free consultation: It costs nothing to talk to a lawyer from Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, in Boston. Simply fill out our simple contact form, and someone from our firm will contact you to schedule a consultation with a Boston attorney for texting and driving accidents.

Is Texting While Driving Illegal?

Under Massachusetts’ Safe Driving Law, it is illegal to type, read or send text messages while driving. This includes texting while the vehicle is stopped at stop signs and lights, and covers all electronic devices, including cellphones, iPads, laptops and tablets.

What Are The Penalties For Texting While Driving?

Penalties for breaking the law include a $100 fine and, for drivers under 18, license suspension for 60 days. Yet, many question if the law is severe enough. Since its passage in 2010, a large portion of the population has continued to text while driving. A questionnaire of Massachusetts drivers showed that approximately 40 percent send text messages while driving, and that number may be growing as more and more drivers purchase smartphones.

The Criminal Case Will Not Get You Compensation. We Can.

After a motor vehicle accident, a driver may be held criminally liable for his or her choice to text and drive. In fact, some people have been convicted of crimes such as motor vehicle homicide for fatal texting while driving accidents. Yet, while a criminal case may give you some peace of mind that the driver is being held accountable, it will not get you compensation for your injuries.

That’s where we come in.

At Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, we have helped numerous victims of distracted driving accidents recover compensation for their injuries and expenses, including medical bills and rehabilitation costs, lost wages and emotional damages. We can help you seek maximum compensation after your life has been changed by a distracted driver.

Was The Driver Of The Other Vehicle Texting And Driving? Talk To A Boston Attorney.

Were you injured or was your family member killed while the other driver was texting or conversing on a cellphone in Massachusetts? Call (617) 298-2500 to schedule a free consultation.

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