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Who Pays My Medical Bills After An Accident?

At Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, in Boston, Massachusetts, we talk with accident victims every day. Invariably, one of their major concerns is getting quality medical treatment. With the high cost of medical care, they are afraid that they will not be able to pay for the care they so desperately need. We have also found that accident victims are overwhelmed by the blizzard of bills, insurance claim forms, and paperwork generated by an accident claim.

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How We Can Help You

Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, has a department specifically tasked with coordinating medical payments. When we handle your case, we will keep track of all your medical bills, arrange for payment, and make sure that your rights and interests are protected.

Medical billing personnel at hospitals and clinics frequently make errors and seem to never get it right. You can depend on our team of experienced paralegals and legal professionals to do things right.

For more information about our medical coordination services, call us at (617) 298-2500

Seeking Full Compensation From All Sources

In a car accident case or another type of personal injury case, there may be multiple sources of compensation, such as:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
  • MedPay
  • Private health insurance
  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Our attorneys understand health insurance and accident claims and will work hard to obtain full compensation from all sources, so that you get the medical care and rehabilitation services you need.

Complex Aspects Of Accident Claims

Massachusetts has no-fault car insurance. And because drivers are required to carry personal injury protection insurance (PIP), nearly every serious car accident case involves a PIP claim. But no-fault insurance law and PIP insurance are very complicated. For example, the collateral source rule states that the compensation owed by an at-fault driver to an accident victim can be reduced by the amount of PIP compensation the accident victim receives. If your case is not properly handled, it may reduce the amount of compensation you receive from the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company.

At Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, we are tenacious advocates for our clients. Our lawyers understand the many complex aspects of insurance coverage and how to maximize the compensation our clients receive. We will protect your rights and interests at all times and seek the best possible result for you.

No Recovery, No Fee

We represent our clients on a contingency basis. This means that you will owe an attorney fee only if we obtain compensation for you.

Get Legal Help Today

For a free consultation about a car accident case in Massachusetts, call Dane Shulman Associates, LLC, at (617) 298-2500 or send us an email.

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