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SUV Falls From Boston Street To I-93, Erupts In Flames – One Fatality Reported [Boston MA]

SUV Falls from Boston Street to I-93, Erupts in Flames – One Fatality Reported [Boston MA]

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Boston, MA (June 6, 2024)- SUV Falls from Boston Street to I-93: An SUV fell from Boston Street to I-93 in a harrowing incident captured on video Wednesday morning, narrowly avoiding other vehicles as it crashed through an overpass.

The vehicle, traveling at a high speed along the Massachusetts Avenue Connector, broke through a concrete barrier and metal fencing before plummeting approximately 40 feet onto a highway ramp leading from Interstate 93 north to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

It burst into flames upon impact, leading to an explosion that resulted in one fatality, officials confirmed.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, where they battled the blaze engulfing the overturned SUV, which lay next to train tracks by Widett Circle, just beneath the road from which it had fallen.

Boston Fire Commissioner Paul Burke reported that the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, did not survive the ordeal, with the drop from the roadway being about 40 feet.

SUV Falls from Boston Street to I-93, Erupts in Flames - One Fatality Reported [Boston MA]

Boston Street to I-93 where the SUV crashed through an overpass bursting into flames

“The vehicle was fully engulfed in flames, and unfortunately, the person inside did not survive,” Burke stated.

He also remarked on the fortunate timing of the accident, noting that no other vehicles were underneath the falling SUV at the time, which could have led to additional casualties.

“We are grateful it didn’t land on another vehicle, considering it happened on an entrance ramp,” he explained.

Local worker Moises Valencia described his experience, saying, “We just heard a crash; at first, I thought it was just something on the bridge. Then, during our coffee break, we saw a lot of smoke.”

The incident occurred around 9:40 a.m., leading to the closure of nearby highway ramps as emergency teams worked to extinguish the flames within 20 minutes of their arrival. The crash scattered fencing and debris across the area and even dislodged a traffic signal.

Known as Widett Circle, this area serves as a busy confluence for the Mass. Ave. Connector, Frontage Road, I-93 North, and the Mass. Pike, with train traffic also present.

The exact cause of the SUV’s dramatic descent over the barrier remains under investigation, with authorities diligently working to determine the specifics.

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Legal DisclaimerThe content provided in this post is for informational purposes exclusively and should not be interpreted as legal or medical counsel. If you or someone close to you has experienced an accident, we strongly advise seeking prompt medical assistance. Furthermore, please note that the visual content featured herein is for illustrative purposes solely and does not depict the actual accident scene.

Source: NBC Boston

The map below shows Interstate 93 where the tragic accident happened



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