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1 Person Dead, 1 Seriously Hurt In Single-car Crash On Military Hwy.

1 person dead, 1 seriously hurt in single-car crash on Military Hwy.

On behalf of posted in car accident on Wednesday April 10, 2024

(WAVY) — Norfolk police reported a tragic incident involving a fatal single-vehicle car accident on N. Military Highway, resulting in the death of a passenger identified as 59-year-old James D. Askew.

The incident unfolded on Saturday at approximately 2:30 p.m. when authorities responded to distress calls in the 6400 block of N. Military Highway, where a car collided with a tree. The driver sustained serious injuries and was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. However, despite medical efforts, Askew, who was a passenger in the car, succumbed to his injuries after being conveyed to a local medical facility.

The Norfolk Police Department’s Auto Squad Unit has initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the car accident, aiming to ascertain its cause and any contributing factors. Such investigations typically involve meticulous analysis of the crash site, examination of the vehicle, witness interviews, and other pertinent evidence gathering to establish a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to the tragic incident.

The loss of life in vehicular accidents underscores the importance of road safety measures and vigilance while driving. Authorities often stress the significance of adhering to traffic regulations, maintaining control of vehicles, and avoiding distractions to mitigate the risks associated with car travel.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are urging anyone with relevant information regarding the car accident to come forward and assist in the inquiry, with the ultimate goal of providing closure to the affected families and preventing similar incidents in the future.

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