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Fatal pedestrian accident turns into hit and run

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday December 28, 2016

During the early evening hours, Massachusetts roadways are filled with cars whose drivers are traveling home from work or out running last minute errands. At the same time, pedestrians are walking alongside these roads and even crossing the roadways. When the pedestrian crosses at the appropriate intersection, he or she must walk under the assumption that drivers will respect their right to cross and that a pedestrian accident will not occur. Earlier in December, a 62-year-old wife was struck as she was crossing the road at an intersection. Rather than stopping to make sure that the woman was okay, the driver left…

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Resident hit by van a case of nursing home negligence

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday December 22, 2016

As individuals age, they often lose the ability to fully take care of themselves. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a family member to step in and care for their aging loved one. When this happens, many times, Massachusetts families will turn to a nursing home for help. In doing so, the family is trusting the nursing home staff to make sure that their loved one is properly cared for and that there will be no problems with nursing home negligence. The level of care that an individual requires from the nursing home is dependent upon the individual's health. Some…

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Hit-and-run accidents appear to be on the rise

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday December 15, 2016

All of a sudden, there is a bump or perhaps even a boom! An unsuspecting Massachusetts driver has just been involved in a car accident. Then, the other driver looks around, backs away from the crash and drives off. Hit-and-run accidents appear to be an increasing problem. Individuals react to this situation in a variety of ways. If the crash was significant, the driver and passengers generally first check to make sure that everyone is okay. The police and possibly medical personnel are quickly contacted. Then, discussion regarding what happened generally begins. It is possible that the driver or passengers…

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Workplace accident turns deadly

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday December 6, 2016

The alarm clock rings, and the day begins. It's time to take a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. The average Massachusetts worker assumes that the day will go like most others, soon be home with his or her family. It will be time to eat dinner, help children with homework and go to bed so that the process can start all over again. However, every once in a while, the day does not go like others, and a workplace accident occurs. Loading a company truck with insulation supplies in a parking lot should be simple enough. Pick the…

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