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Hit-and-run accidents appear to be on the rise

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday December 15, 2016

All of a sudden, there is a bump or perhaps even a boom! An unsuspecting Massachusetts driver has just been involved in a car accident. Then, the other driver looks around, backs away from the crash and drives off. Hit-and-run accidents appear to be an increasing problem.

Individuals react to this situation in a variety of ways. If the crash was significant, the driver and passengers generally first check to make sure that everyone is okay. The police and possibly medical personnel are quickly contacted. Then, discussion regarding what happened generally begins.

It is possible that the driver or passengers were able to preserve identifying information from the other vehicle. Perhaps someone got a look at the driver or even the license plate. Sometimes, the initial reaction is to attempt to drive after the hit-and-run driver. Police indicate that this is not a good idea. It is best to wait for emergency personnel to arrive and let them handle the situation.

Many times, a hit-and-run driver will leave the scene out of fear. It is possible that he or she does not have insurance or a driver’s license. It is also possible that alcohol is involved. Then, if someone has been injured in the accident, the driver becomes even more fearful of the consequences. However, it is likely that the hit-and-run driver will eventually be found.

If a loved one is injured as the result of one of the many hit\-and\-run accidents in Massachusetts and the driver who caused the accident is located, there may be grounds for a personal liability claim against that driver. Even if one is not fatally injured, the family will suffer both financially and emotionally. Such a claim could help to alleviate some of the hardship the accident caused.

Source:, “When the driver flees, like in Brockton fatal, what should you do?“, Cody Shepard, Dec. 6, 2016

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