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Massachusetts car accidents can claim lives

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Sunday September 11, 2016

Dinner out is a luxury that many people in Massachusetts like to enjoy. The idea of a quiet evening with someone else cooking and cleaning is appealing. Additionally, many friends and family members enjoy dining out as a way to catch up and visit with each other. These individuals know that car accidents could be a problem on the way to and from the restaurant; however, a car accident becoming a problem while in the restaurant doesn’t seem likely.

In March 2016, a 55-year-old man was driving his Volkswagen SUV on a Massachusetts street. He crossed over another street, hit several other cars and then slammed into a local restaurant. As a result, two restaurant guests were killed, and seven other guests and employees were injured.

While exactly what caused this man to drive in such a manner has not been made clear, he has now been charged with vehicular homicide and endangerment by means of a motor vehicle. It appears that a problem was almost immediately suspected because the driver’s license to drive was revoked in the aftermath of the accident. It is now up to the courts to determine the driver’s responsibility in this accident.

Car accidents happen every day in Massachusetts. Whenever one gets behind the wheel of a car, he or she is accepting a great responsibility. In addition to the life and property within that automobile, he or she could be responsible for the lives and property of others. If a loved one is injured or killed as the result of a car accident, one will want to analyze the circumstances and review the details with legal counsel to determine the best course of action in an attempt to recover from such a tragedy.

Source: Newton Ma. Patch, “Driver in Fatal Newton Restaurant Crash Indicted“, Alex Newman, Sept. 7, 2016

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