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Fatal pedestrian accident turns into hit and run

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Wednesday December 28, 2016

During the early evening hours, Massachusetts roadways are filled with cars whose drivers are traveling home from work or out running last minute errands. At the same time, pedestrians are walking alongside these roads and even crossing the roadways. When the pedestrian crosses at the appropriate intersection, he or she must walk under the assumption that drivers will respect their right to cross and that a pedestrian accident will not occur.

Earlier in December, a 62-year-old wife was struck as she was crossing the road at an intersection. Rather than stopping to make sure that the woman was okay, the driver left the scene of the accident. Fortunately, the driver did leave behind evidence at the accident site.

Police indicate that they found part of a Mazda 626 at the scene. Additionally, witnesses report seeing a dark-colored mid-sized vehicle being driven away from the scene. Using this information and the evidence collected at the scene of the accident, police were able to identify a suspect. The 34-year-old suspect has now been arrested.

Whenever a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian will usually suffer some form of injury. In this particular pedestrian accident, the woman died as a result. As with all accidents involving personal injury, the driver must stop and wait for police to respond.

Massachusetts residents who suffer as the result of a pedestrian accident often have legal options available to them. This type of accident usually results in medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, emotional distress and sometimes even funeral expenses. In these circumstances, it is often in the family’s best interest to discuss available legal options with experienced counsel.

Source: Braintree Ma. Patch, “Suspect in Braintree Fatal Hit and Run Arrested“, Daniel Libon, Dec. 19, 2016

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