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Vehicle Collides With Fenway Park Gate, Boston Police Report [Fenway Park, MA]

Vehicle Collides with Fenway Park Gate, Boston Police Report [Fenway Park, MA]

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Monday May 6, 2024

On Monday morning, a vehicle collided with a gate at Boston’s iconic Fenway Park, according to local police reports. The incident occurred at Gate C on Lansdowne Street. The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Boston's iconic Fenway Park

Boston’s iconic Fenway Park where the accident occurred

While the driver was the only person injured in the crash, there were additional reports of damage. The vehicle also struck a forklift, but fortunately, no injuries occurred in the vicinity of the gate, as confirmed by a Boston Red Sox representative.

Investigators are looking into the connection between this crash and a separate incident involving a driver going the wrong way near the intersection of Boylston and Exeter streets in Back Bay, where other vehicles were reportedly damaged.


The relationship between these two events remains unclear, and further investigation is required to piece together the details.

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Source: NBC Boston

The map below shows the location of Fenway Park where the accident occurred

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