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Arrest Made In North End Hit-and-Run Crash, Boston

Arrest Made in North End Hit-and-Run Crash, Boston

On behalf of posted in car accident on Friday April 12, 2024

(NBC Boston) – In a harrowing car accident in Boston’s North End, a driver has been arrested after allegedly crashing his car into another vehicle on Tuesday night at the intersection of Commercial and Hanover streets.

Fortunately, the driver who was struck by the vehicle sustained no personal injuries in the incident.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Paul Driscoll, fled the scene following the crash but was apprehended by authorities later on. Despite multiple witnesses reporting seeing Driscoll fleeing with a gun in hand, law enforcement officials stated that no weapon was recovered at the scene.

Paul Driscoll now faces several charges, including leaving the scene of the crash, according to authorities.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by reckless driving and hit-and-run accidents. While the driver who was hit escaped personal injury, the potential for devastating consequences in such incidents is all too real.

Law enforcement officials continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash, working to ensure accountability and justice for all involved parties.

As the community reflects on this alarming incident, it underscores the critical importance of responsible driving practices and the need for swift and decisive action in response to incidents of reckless behavior on the roadways.

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