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The surprising No. 1 reason for distracted driving

Do you think texting is the biggest reason for distracted driving? In some senses, you may be right. Cellphone use, in general, is connected to a high percentage of distracted driving accidents. When the driver is doing something to create the distraction, it's the top reason.

But what about when the driver isn't actually doing anything? One study found that cellphones were linked to just 12 percent of distracted driving accidents, while a full 62 percent were linked to drivers who were "lost in thought."

Massachusetts car accidents: 2 injured in recent crash

There may be many different reasons a motor vehicle collision may occur. Often, car accidents happen when a driver fails to take his or her surroundings into account or is otherwise distracted. Two Massachusetts residents were recently injured in a crash that may have been caused by a distracted driver.

Man faces workplace injury during bridge renovation

Construction is an industry that often involves major risks. Whether due to falls, equipment malfunction or another type of accident, construction workers in Massachusetts and across the country may face a possible workplace injury on a regular basis. One employee in another state was recently hurt in the renovation of a bridge.

Fatal car accident in Massachusetts claims 1 life, injures 2

Automobile collisions are a common problem on roadways. Though many are trivial, others may result in serious property damage and injuries for those involved. A recent fatal car accident in Massachusetts resulted in the death of one person and left two others injured.

Few details of the crash have been released at this time, though reports indicate that three vehicles were involved. Police officers stated that they witnessed one driver speeding on the road moments before the collision occurred. Footage from an aerial camera showed that one vehicle was overturned and the other two suffered heavy damage.

Workplace accident results in workers' death

Though accidents can happen at any Massachusetts job, construction areas are one of the more likely places an injury may occur due to factors such as significant heights or heavy machinery. Whatever the cause, a workplace accident can have serious consequences for those involved. Two workers in another state recently suffered serious injuries, with one worker later dying from those injuries.

According to officials, the victims were working in an area intended to become a large office supply store. For reasons that are still unclear, the two men fell about 40 feet to the ground. Reports indicate that the accident occurred in an area around a crane. The local branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation.

Massachusetts car accidents often result in serious injuries

There are many different ways a motor vehicle crash might happen. Whether drivers are intoxicated, texting while driving or otherwise distracted, dangerous car accidents are much more likely to occur when drivers act in a negligent manner. Serious injuries were suffered in a recent collision on a Massachusetts interstate.

Few details of the crash have been released at this time. Police stated that the accident took place on I-91 and two cars were involved. The events leading up to the incident are unclear. Officials have yet to determine whether the collision occurred in the northbound or southbound lanes, as both cars were resting in the median when authorities arrived.

Young Massachusetts boy killed after being hit by a car

It is common knowledge that car accidents can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. This is especially true when a person is killed in such a collision. Though many are able to survive major car accidents, pedestrians are rarely so fortunate. Tragically, a young boy from Massachusetts was recently killed after being hit by a car.

Officials said that the crash happened after the boy had come home from school. He was standing outside his house when he was struck by a vehicle. The events leading up to the crash are still unclear and the ultimate cause has yet to be revealed by authorities. No word on whether any criminal charges will be filed.

Explosion leads to serious workplace injury for one man

Employees in Massachusetts and across the country may find that accidents on the job can happen in an instant. Often, accidents happen unexpectedly. There may be many different factors that could lead to workplace injury, from faulty equipment to a simple mistake. A worker in another state was recently severely injured in an explosion on the job.

Few details of the accident have been released at this time. According to authorities, the worker was repairing a faulty valve on a fuel tanker at the time of the incident. For reasons that are still unclear, the container exploded. The sheriff's office hazardous materials team  conducted an inspection after to determine whether any flammable gases were still present at the site. None were found.

Fatal car accident claims life of Massachusetts teen

Motor vehicle collisions can happen within seconds. This is why it is so important for drivers to remain aware of their surroundings. Tragically, a Massachusetts teenager was recently involved in a fatal car accident as she was crossing the road.

According to authorities, the young woman was crossing the street during her lunch break. Recent rainy weather made the road slick, causing her to slip as she crossed. Reports indicate that she had crossed the first lane and was attempting to avoid a car coming from the right when she fell. That car then struck her while she was on the ground.

Massachusetts worker seriously injured on the job by chainsaw

Workplace accidents can happen in any number of ways. Those regularly performing tasks involving manual labor may be at a higher risk of injury than those who do not. One Massachusetts tree worker was recently severely injured on the job while using a chainsaw.

Few details have been released regarding the cause of the incident. However, reports indication that the accident occurred while the worker was cutting trees at a local condominium complex. For reasons that are still unclear, the chainsaw he was using caught in his clothing. The blade of the chainsaw cut into the upper portion of the man's leg. 

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