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Massachusetts car accident leaves 1 injured in Boston

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Sunday March 9, 2014

Car accidents can be tragic enough if those involved are injured. When an accident takes place on a major highway or Interstate, the effects of it can be much worse. High speeds and/or distracted driving can quickly lead to serious accidents and serious injuries or even death. Unfortunately, one car accident in Massachusetts recently sent one person to the hospital.

The accident took place on Feb. 27 at around 10 a.m. on Interstate 93. The accident involved two vehicles and took place after they collided in the northbound lane of the roadway. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident soon after it occurred and rushed one of the victims to the hospital.

The injured victim apparently suffered non-life-threatening injuries from the accident, but the current condition of the victim is unknown. The accident blocked traffic in two lanes of the northbound side of the I-93 following the collision. The accident is likely still under investigation by Massachusetts State Police, and there was no report of any criminal charges being filed in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

Once the cause of the car accident is identified by Massachusetts law enforcement authorities, the injured victim may have the right to seek monetary relief for their injuries. Any financial damages awarded — which must be based upon documented negligence by another party — could be used to pay for any hospital bills accrued because of the accident, as well as for other financial losses recognized under our personal injury laws. This could help relieve some of the stress that is put on a person by unexpected bills and allow the victim to focus on recovering from the injuries suffered.

Source:, Car crash snarls traffic on I-93, Jacqueline Tempera, Feb. 27, 2014

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