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Woman says slip and fall accident caused by company’s negligence

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Monday January 19, 2015

Most people have a reasonable expectation that a building or business that they are visiting will be properly maintained in order to avoid dangerous accidents. Unfortunately, some businesses are negligent, allowing properties to slip into disrepair. One out-of-state woman has recently filed a lawsuit, claiming a Massachusetts-based company is responsible for her slip and fall accident.

The plaintiff claims that she was working in the trailer of a medical vehicle provided by Medicoach Transportation. According to court papers, the door to the trailer became jammed as she was attempting to exit it. After several attempts to force the door open, she says the door suddenly and unexpectedly flew open, causing her to slip and fall on the trailer’s steps. As a result of the fall, she says she suffered serious injuries to her back and shoulder. In addition to her ongoing pain, she is also claiming mental anguish and anxiety.

Her case alleges that Medicoach Transportation had a responsibility to maintain its equipment in such a manner as to prevent the doors from becoming jammed. She additionally claims that the company failed to clear the steps of snow and ice, which also contributed to her fall. She is requesting damages over $150,000. Her husband is also seeking damages.

It is the responsibility of Massachusetts property owners to maintain their properties so that visitors do not become victims of a dangerous slip and fall accident. Those who have fallen as a result of a property owner’s negligence have the option of attempting to hold the owner responsible for medical bills and lost wages. An experienced attorney can discuss a victim’s options with him or her and help the victim decide on the appropriate course of action against the negligent party.

Source:, “Hospital worker sues after alleged fall from mobile medical trailer“, Jim Boyle, Jan. 7, 2015

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