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2 Massachusetts firefighters suffer workplace injury

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday December 15, 2015

There are many dangerous jobs. However, a firefighter is likely a position that encompasses the most obvious types of dangers. From rushing into burning buildings to assisting at car accidents on busy interstates, firefighters place their lives at risk from a workplace injury every time they respond to an emergency. For example, two firefighters were recently injured while responding to an incident involving a train in Massachusetts.

The incident occurred in early December. According to reports, a MBTA train struck a 42-year-old woman, pinning her underneath. Unfortunately, she passed away as a result of the incident.

In addition to the fatality, two firefighters were injured who were assisting with the recovery of the women due to a malfunction of a third rail. They were transported to a hospital for treatment. While the nature and extent of their injuries are unclear, they are expected to survive. The accident caused disruptions to the rail system for several hours.

In addition to taking a life, the tragic Massachusetts incident has potentially jeopardized the firefighter’s financial stability. At the very least, they will have medical bills. Some injuries require a significant period of recovery, resulting in lost wages, and even prevent an employee from returning to work in the same capacity.  Fortunately, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees that typically cover a number of financial consequences stemming from a workplace injury.  Many injured workers take steps to ensure they receive fair compensation, including utilizing the services of a professional who has experience with the process.

Source:, “Woman Struck, Killed by MBTA Train“, Mike Pescaro, Dec. 9, 2015

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