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2-vehicle crash near Salem, 1 suffered head injury

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Monday September 3, 2012

Manor Parkway is a short two-lane road that starts at Pelham Road and hits a dead end at the Salem Athletic Club. It is about one block long. One could wonder how an accident could occur on this short little road – and yet an accident occurred that caused a serious head injury for one of the drivers.

The two-car accident occurred near the entrance to the Workout Club and Wellness Center and the Acupuncture Whole Health building. A man driving a blue minivan and a woman driving a blue SUV were in a car collision that caused heavy damage to both vehicles. The male minivan driver is the one who suffered head injuries in the accident.

The man was first taken to Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, Massachusetts but later was flown to Boston Medical Center for treatment of his head injuries which were described as serious. One of the difficulties with head injuries is that they sometimes take a while to become fully apparent. A person could have memory issues, or a personality change that becomes an issue over time.

According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, traumatic brain injuries are sustained by approximately 1.7 million people each year. A traumatic brain injury or TBI can lead to problems with:

  • Thinking such as memory and reasoning
  • Sensation such as touch, taste and smell issues
  • Language problems with communication, expression and understanding
  • Emotional problems including depression, anxiety, personality changes, aggression, acting out or social inappropriateness

The man’s family said they are hopeful that he will have a full recovery. If the driver of the SUV is determined to be negligent in any way, she may be held liable for the man’s personal injury.

Source: Salem Patch, “UPDATE: One Flown to Boston After Crash,” Jake O’Donnell, Aug. 21, 2012

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