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$4.65M medical malpractice award of interest in Massachusetts

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Tuesday June 28, 2016

On any given day, scores of Massachusetts residents enter a hospital seeking treatment for some ailment or condition. These individuals generally expect that they will be seen by one or more doctors and that their condition will be treated. Additionally, they expect that these doctors will communicate with each other and the nursing staff to ensure that a proper diagnosis is reached and an appropriate course of treatment is prescribed. Anything less than conscientious treatment of a patient could possibly be considered medical malpractice.

While a diagnosis and treatment are the norm, there is a recent instance in which one family was awarded $4.65 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit in a nearby state. Records indicate that their 63-year-old loved one was suffering from an infection and sought treatment at his local hospital. Although he was admitted to the hospital and seen by at least two doctors, he was not treated for the infection and died as a result.

In 2011, this gentleman was a patient of his local hospital. Both an internist and a gastroenterologist examined the patient; however, there is no evidence that any further communication took place. The patient’s condition was never diagnosed, and the gentleman appears to have suffered and died as a result.

Whenever a Massachusetts resident is injured or ill, he or she should be able to seek medical attention and anticipate that assistance will be provided. If this is not the case, it is possible that medical malpractice is to blame. In such cases, experienced counsel will be able to assist the patient or his or her family in seeking restitution for any monetary damages that may have been incurred.

Source:, “Jury Awards Family of Ellenville Man $4.65M in Medical Malpractice Case“, Paul Brooks, June 22, 2016

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