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4 common car insurance claim mistakes

On behalf of posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday October 1, 2019

The act of filing a car insurance claim is easy enough, but actually recovering damages for your injuries and related losses is challenging.

Many people who’ve been injured in a car accident want nothing more than to put this chapter of their life in the past. This leads them to make rash decisions, which allows their car insurance company to close their claim without paying out everything that’s due to them.

Here are several car insurance claim mistakes that are easy to make:

  • Giving a written or recorded statement: During your first conversation with your agent (or any other insurance company representative), let them know what happened and that your attorney will be contacting them. This is not a time to get into the finer details of your accident. Your attorney can handle all of that for you.
  • Accepting the first offer: Your insurance company may low-ball you with the hope that you accept their offer and close your claim. This mistake can cost you a lot of money, so let your attorney guide you in regard to when you should accept an offer.
  • Signing something you do not understand: If your insurance company sends you anything to sign, review it with your attorney before putting pen to paper. Signing something you don’t understand can compromise your legal rights.
  • Accepting a check marked as final payment: Your insurance company may send you a check by mail without your permission. As tempted as you may be, don’t cash the check. If it’s marked as final payment, taking the money can hinder your ability to receive additional benefits.

Along with all the above, don’t lose sight of the fact that your car insurance policy is a legally binding contract. You pay a lot of money for coverage, so if you’re in an accident you have the right to receive the compensation that’s outlined in the terms and conditions.

motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside down, but that doesn’t mean you should put all your trust in your insurance agent. By protecting your legal rights and avoiding these car insurance claim mistakes, you’re in better position to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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