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Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts warns bicyclists

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Friday August 23, 2013

With the current summer weather, many people may be thinking about taking their bicycles out for a spin. However, bicyclists should be careful since 630 people die from a head injury related to riding bicycles annually. Over 50,000 people experience bicycle-related head injuries nationwide every year. This is why the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts (BIA-MA) is adamant about its warning to not overlook safety when riding a bicycle.

BIA-MA and other experts say there are a variety of precautions one can take in order to decrease the chances of suffering a brain injury or other catastrophe while bicycling. One of the most important aspects to preventing injury to the head is to wear a helmet. Parents should also insist their children wear a helmet when riding their bikes. Bicyclists should also never ride against traffic, which can be dangerous as well as against state law.

Bicyclists should take as much care to follow the rules of the road as car drivers do. They should make sure to adhere to lane markings as well as use hand signals to alert drivers and pedestrians of their next intended move. Also, bicyclists need to make eye contact with motorists as best as they can in order to be certain the drivers see them on the road.

Unfortunately, despite all of the precautions that bicyclists might take, some will still experience a head injury while riding on their bicycles in Massachusetts. If the bicyclist is hit by a car, for instance, he or she may face heavy medical bills if medical attention is required. However, the bicyclist may be able to obtain some monetary assistance with those medical expenses by filing a civil lawsuit against the motorist or anybody else who may be at fault in causing a brain injury accident.

Source: Wicked Local Medfield, “Cyclists encouraged to use care on the roads,” Aug. 11, 2013

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