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Car accident in Massachusetts sends 1 to hospital

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday February 20, 2014

Interstates can be an excellent way for drivers to quickly get to their locations, but the high speeds and rapid lane changes that often accompany interstates can create very dangerous situations. Multiple vehicles can suddenly be involved in an accident before any of the drivers have time to comprehend what is taking place. Unfortunately, a car accident in Massachusetts recently involved multiple vehicles and sent one woman to the hospital.

The accident took place on the night of Feb. 17 at around 6 p.m. and involved five vehicles. The actual cause of the accident and the driver at fault are not known at this time. One woman was reported to have been transported from the scene to the hospital after the accident, although she had no apparent injuries.

The condition of the woman is unknown at this time. The accident did block two lanes of the interstate for a considerable amount of time which caused a backup in traffic after the accident occurred. The accident is still under investigation by Massachusetts police.

If the victim’s injuries turn out to be more severe than first believed or if she requires any further care, then she could face even more burdensome expenses. She may have the right to seek monetary compensation after the investigation of the car accident is completed. Compensation could be used by the victim to pay for any hospital bills or other expenditures in connection with the accident. This may possibly allow her to move on with her life and return to her normal routine without worrying about new bills.

Source: Mass Live, 5-car accident in Holyoke slows traffic on I-91 south; Springfield woman taken to hospital, Patrick Johnson, Feb. 17, 2014

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