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Car accident in Massachusetts kills one person

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Wednesday February 5, 2014

Negligence behind the wheel is a big problem on the roads spanning the vast area of the United States. This negligence can often lead to pointless car accidents that injure or even kill those who are involved. Accidents of this nature could be easily prevented if those who are driving pay attention to the road for the time that they are on the road. Unfortunately, one Massachusetts individual was recently killed in a car accident that involved alleged negligence.

The accident took place on the morning of Feb. 2 and involved one vehicle. The driver, a 23-year-old man, supposedly struck the median, lost control and rolled the car. A male passenger, who was 22 years old, was ejected from the vehicle. He did not respond to emergency personnel at the scene and was transported to a medical facility where he was pronounced dead.

After the accident, the driver decided to flee the scene on foot. He was later picked up by police near the site of the accident. He was taken to the hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening and later arrested and charged for his involvement in the Massachusetts car accident.

Regardless of whether or not the individual is found guilty of causing the car accident, the family of the deceased victim may have the right to seek monetary compensation for the death of their loved one. Compensation could be used to pay for any of the victim’s final expenses. No amount of money will help heal their emotional wounds, but compensation could relieve some of the stress that is often placed on a family when they start receiving unanticipated bills.

Source:, Driver flees scene of fatal car accident in Wilmington, Mass., No author, Feb. 2, 2014

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