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Car Accident MA, Firefighters Rescue Driver From Serious Car Crash

Car accident MA, Firefighters Rescue Driver from Serious car crash

On behalf of posted in blog on Friday March 8, 2024

(NBCBoston) —In Dracut, Massachusetts, emergency responders rescued a driver trapped in a serious car accident on Friday. The incident unfolded around 12:23 p.m. on Hildreth Street, situated at the Dracut-Lowell border. Officials from both Dracut’s police and fire departments, alongside Lowell’s firefighters, worked diligently to extract the unidentified driver from a damaged green Ford Mustang, as depicted in on-site videos.

Following the extrication efforts, the injured driver was swiftly transported to a Lowell hospital and subsequently transferred to a Boston trauma center. At present, the individual’s condition remains undisclosed.

The circumstances surrounding the car accident in MA are not immediately apparent, leaving authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly.

This remains a developing news story about a car accident in MA, with updates anticipated as further details emerge. The collaborative efforts of emergency personnel in responding to and addressing the aftermath of the car accident in MA underscore the ongoing commitment to public safety in the Dracut-Lowell community.

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