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A Car Crashes Into A South Boston Pizza Shop, Displacing Six

A car crashes into a South Boston pizza shop, displacing six

On behalf of posted in blog on Thursday March 14, 2024

Boston car accident news: In the early hours of Friday morning, chaos unfolded in South Boston as a car crashed into McGoos Pizzeria on West Broadway, prompting the evacuation of six residents from the area.

The incident, which occurred around 1 a.m., startled locals and caused significant damage to the pizzeria’s first floor. Deanna Mujezinovich, a resident residing on the third floor, recounted being jolted awake by the deafening impact. “My bedroom is on the third floor and it shook the whole building and I just heard people screaming and pulling someone out the side,” she described.

Concerns regarding structural integrity arose as the crash compromised one of the building’s support columns, prompting the Boston Fire Department to swiftly respond. Firefighters quickly mobilized to stabilize the situation, setting up temporary columns and securing utilities to prevent further movement or damage. Boston Deputy Fire Chief James Greene emphasized the primary focus on stabilizing the compromised structure. “Damage to the building right now – it’s primarily on the first floor,” he stated. “We’ve secured it to prevent any further movement. We feel like there was some movement initially, so the temporary supports that we’ve installed are to kind of stabilize the situation.”

While the driver sustained injuries in the Boston car accident, the severity of these injuries remains uncertain at this time.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected dangers that can arise, even in the quiet hours of the night, prompting swift action from emergency responders to ensure the safety of residents and stabilize the affected area.

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