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Common car accident injuries

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Friday January 2, 2015

Car accidents, even minor ones, can result in injuries to anyone involved. There are some types of injuries, however, that are more common than others. Massachusetts residents who are involved in car accidents might suffer from any of the following types of injuries.

One category of injuries is face and head injuries. These types of injuries are often the result of a person being thrown into a window or door of a vehicle in the middle of a car accident. Injuries in this category include scrapes, bruises, lacerations and fractures in the face and head area as well as injuries to the teeth or jaw. Injuries of this type might need surgery to treat it. Injury to the brain is another category, which can often be even more serious. Brain injuries can include concussions. Some brain injuries can lead to coma and memory loss.

Neck injuries are also very common. They are usually the result of whiplash and spinal disc injury, two common occurrences during car crashes. People involved in accidents also often suffer back injuries that can go from a minor back fracture to a disc slip injury to more serious injuries to the back and spine. Back injuries can often affect a car accident victim for years. Finally, leg, knee and foot injuries are very common for people involved in car accidents.

Massachusetts residents who have been involved in an accident and suffered any of the above injuries might choose to file personal injury claims to recover damages from a liable driver. A victim who files a successful claim for these damages might receive compensation for the expenses they incurred as they treat the injury. These expenses can be very high, particularly if the recovery and treatment time for the injury is an extended period.

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