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Compensating you for a brain injury is our expertise

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Friday September 12, 2014

When people in Massachusetts think of a brain injury, they may imagine severe head trauma that leaves an individual unable to function at any level. However, there is actually a wide spectrum of brain injuries, ranging from mild to severe, and the long-term consequences can vary just as greatly. Despite the type of injury suffered, a brain injury victim may have to deal with long-term effects for the remainder of their life.

Brain injuries aren’t relegated to only the most serious of trauma. A concussion from a minor, but still substantial, bump to the head can cause problems for the victim as can a contusion. Closed head injuries as well as hypoxic brain injuries can also cause problems for those who have suffered from them.

Even after recovery, the negative effects of a brain injury can linger on. It is not entirely uncommon for a victim to still suffer from dizziness or persistent migraines. Loved ones may notice a change in the victim’s personality accompanied by a new tendency towards irritability and moodiness. These effects can even affect a victim’s ability to maintain employment.

Whether you suffered a serious brain injury after being involved in a car accident, after suffering a blow to the head at an establishment in Massachusetts or even in a slip and fall accident, the repercussions can be serious and lifelong. At our firm, we understand how these injuries can negatively affect your life, and we work to pursue appropriate compensation for your injuries. More information may be found by visiting our webpage.

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