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Death in the Afternoon in multi-vehicle Weston car crash

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Thursday June 13, 2013

Many people assume that winter is the most dangerous driving season in areas like Boston that receive snow and freezing rain. It’s true, winter driving can be a challenge. However, the fact is that far more highway deaths actually occur in the summer as more motorists take to the roads and are lulled into a false sense of security by the nice weather.

This fact played out in a deadly real life scenario recently on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Specifically, a crash occurred on Turnpike’s eastbound ramp onto Interstate 95 North. The crash involved three cars, and took place on May 25 around 12:50 in the afternoon.


One vehicle occupant was killed, unable to escape the interior of one of the vehicles. Two other victims of the crash were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for nonfatal injuries.

The accident is another reminder that when you take to the roads this summer, extreme caution is warranted. Just because there is little risk of encountering icy conditions does not mean it is alright to start speeding or to daydream behind the wheel.

If someone does cause injury to someone else because of their carelessness behind the wheel, it is also important to remember that that person, or his or her insurer, can be held responsible for monetary damages to cover things like medical bills, wages lost while victims are unable to work due to their injuries, and pain and suffering. For the family members of those killed in fatal crashes like this one, monetary damages may also be available.

Source: Boston Herald, One dead after 3-car crash in Weston, highway ramps reopen, Jordan Graham, May 25, 2013

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