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Doctors use crash information when evaluating patients

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Car wrecks can lead to serious injuries for the victims. While many people assume that the impact of the vehicle on the other vehicle is the only impact that your body has to deal with, that isn’t the case. Automobile crashes actually have three impacts that can affect the victims.

The information from the crash can help doctors to determine how to evaluate a patient. They also depend on the reports from the patients regarding the pain they feel.

3 types of impact

The primary impact is that of the car on the other car. The second is the impact that the body has with the vehicle. The third is the impact of the organs on the inside of the body. Each of these can cause specific problems, so they must be carefully considered when the patient is being evaluated. Even the damaged areas of the vehicle might be important to the medical care team.

It is imperative to let the doctor know what you hit in the vehicle and where the contact occurred on your body. For example, let them know if your head hit the steering wheel or if it hit the window. Also tell them whether you were wearing a seat belt at the time of the wreck.

Type of crash

The type of automobile wreck might let them know what types of injuries are likely. For example, whiplash is more common in rear-end crashes. Lower and mid back injuries are also associated with this type of crash. In a T-bone crash, you might suffer from shoulder, clavicle, arm, hip, pelvic, cervical spine, head, abdominal or chest injuries.

Effects on the victim

The effects that these injuries have on the victim vary depending on the injury type and severity. For individuals with catastrophic injuries, the journey of healing will be long and complicated. It can also be costly, especially when you consider the cost of medical care. If you need to miss work or have personal care assistance, the financial impact is greater. You might opt to turn to a personal injury lawsuit in Boston to seek compensation for your damages.

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