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Inadequate security a concern for Massachutts employers

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Monday September 19, 2016

It seems as if the news is filled with reports of violence across Massachusetts as well as the rest of the country. One day the headlines provide details about a recent road rage incident; other days the latest shooting is discussed. As a result of the apparent increase in violence, more and more companies and workplaces are taking measures to ensure that their employees and customers remain safe. These businesses recognize the problems that inadequate security can cause.

Recently, a hospital was fined because of an apparent lack of security in its facility. Reports indicate that incidents of violence have escalated thus causing concern for both patients and staff. Incidents of workplace violence in addition to inadequate security were detailed in the report issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The OSHA investigation found that employees of the hospital were the victims of over 100 injuries caused by violent patients over a three year period. In addition, these same employees were exposed to numerous incidents of violence and threats by both patients and visitors. According to one hospital employee, the hospital did not have enough hospital security staff members to prevent the problems it experienced. The hospital and state investigators are now taking measures to implement the OSHA recommendations.

Workplace violence is a serious concern for many in Massachusetts. When working in an environment where the employees are exposed to the public and the potential for violence, these employees expect that their employer will take appropriate protective measures. Inadequate security can be devastating to both employees and employer.

Source:, “Detroit Hospital Fined for Inadequate Security“, Sept. 13, 2016

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