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Injury at baseball game could lead to premises liability case

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Friday June 12, 2015

For some people, attending a baseball game is their favorite way to spend a few hours. Fans who attend a game likely feel fairly safe. However, some people may question their safety after a recent accident in Massachusetts left a woman suffering from life-threatening injuries. The incident could lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

The incident occurred at Fenway Park in Boston one night in early June. Player Brett Lawrie was at bat. Unfortunately, the bat he was using shattered and went flying into the stands. A woman, attending the game with a young child, was struck by a section of the bat.

While specific details of the woman’s condition are unclear, her injuries have been described as life-threatening. Witnesses say that the woman appeared to be conscious when leaving the stadium on a stretcher and that she could be heard screaming. Medical staff and police officers were reportedly seen comforting the small child attending the game with the victim.

Lawrie reportedly stated that Fenway Park has very little netting to provide protection to spectators. Additionally, he reportedly stated that the bat he was using was made out of maple. Although measures were taken in 2010 to make maple bats safer, they are known to have issues splintering.

There is a certain assumption of risk for spectators at professional baseball games. However, property owners are required to protect those who are on their premises — in this case, by utilizing netting in areas of the park where fans are most likely to be injured. Failure to ensure that such precautions are in place could result in a serious injury. Unfortunately, this woman may face a long road to recovery, requiring significant medical treatment and potentially resulting in lost wages. A successfully presented premises liability case may result in an award of damages that could help the woman manage the expenses stemming from the incident in Massachusetts.

Source: CBS Sports, “Fan struck and bloodied by broken bat at Fenway Park (graphic photo)”, David Brown, June 5, 2015

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