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Lawsuit claims medical malpractice led to fatality

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday July 16, 2015

When a person in Massachusetts is suffering from a medical emergency, he or she has faith that medical care providers will work to ensure that the issue is accurately diagnosed and treated. While this tends to be the case most of the time, medical malpractice can lead to a missed diagnosis and have deadly consequences. One out-of-state family claims that such negligence ultimately resulted in the death of a young mother.

According to a recently filed lawsuit, the 32-year-old woman suffered a seizure at home one morning in Dec. 2013. Her family claims that a CT scan showed that she was suffering from bleeding in her brain. However, doctors diagnosed her with stress-induced migraines and a sinus infection. She was sent home.

Unfortunately, her husband claims that she suffered another seizure after she returned home. She was transported by ambulance to a different hospital, suffering a third seizure en route to the hospital. The lawsuit claims doctors informed her husband that she was brain dead, and soon afterward, the decision was made to remove life support.

The woman’s death means that two young children are left without a mother. A family is potentially left struggling to cope with the loss of her wages, funeral expenses and medical bills. Many people in Massachusetts who have suffered from medical malpractice such as this lawsuit alleges have turned to a civil court, seeking a legal remedy. If negligence can be proved, the court could award damages to help surviving family members cope with the financial consequences of their loss.

Source: CBS DFW, “Family Of Fort Worth Mom Sues Hospital For Medical Malpractice“, Jennifer Lindgren, July 6, 2015

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