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Man accused in wrongful death indicted in Massachusetts

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Friday January 10, 2014

Many car accidents are caused by people who are driving while drunk. It is not an unusual occurrence for someone who is inebriated to make a driving decision that causes an auto accident. When that accident results in a wrongful death, legal action may be the next logical step.

A Massachusetts man who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he had a fatal car accident has been indicted on multiple charges. This includes manslaughter, motor vehicle homicide and failure to identify himself to law enforcement officers. Reports indicate that his license was suspended at the time.

The man was allegedly drunk and driving the wrong way at a high rate of speed on the interstate. A police officer who saw him tried to get his attention by swerving and driving back and forth across the lanes of traffic. The officer’s efforts were not successful, and the man continued in the wrong direction.

Two oncoming cars were able to avoid a collision before the man finally ran into a minivan and another car. The minivan burst into flames, and its only occupant was killed in the crash. The two occupants of the other car suffered minor injuries.

The man suffered injuries that were not considered serious. He was treated and released at a local hospital. His arraignment is scheduled for late January.

The family of the woman who died now has several options for further legal action in a Massachusetts courtroom. A wrongful death lawsuit is one way they could begin to right the wrong that was done to their loved one. It won’t restore the life lost, but it could provide some help in dealing with the distressing situation their family now faces.

Source:, Leominster man indicted in fatal wrong-way crash on Mass Pike, Gary Murray, Jan. 1, 2014

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