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Man overcomes traumatic brain injury to return to beloved career

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Friday August 8, 2014

One day, in 2006, a man was riding his motorcycle on the way to meet up with some friends. Though he was not wearing a protective helmet, that may not have prevented him from suffering a traumatic brain injury when the car pulled out in front of him. He is not a resident of Massachusetts, but patients with similar injuries may be inspired by his story.

After the accident, he was hospitalized for many months as he worked to regain his physical health. He says that he had to re-learn everything, including how to walk and talk again. Once he was recovered well enough physically, he attempted to return to his career as an architect. However, he was not able to perform to his previous level, and he was eventually let go from the firm where he had worked.

He continued to work on regaining his full cognitive function through therapy while working in the retail sector. He then says that, while commuting one day, several years after his injury, he spotted an advertisement for another design firm. When he approached the company about a position, they decided to take a chance on him, noting his drive to succeed.

The man has just celebrated his one year anniversary with the company. His colleagues have praised his attention to detail and his methodical approach to work. While he still works to improve more every day, he has made remarkable strides in overcoming his traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, not every patient will experience this positive outcome, and many victims in Massachusetts may struggle to cope with their injury. While there was no mention of this man filing a personal injury civil suit in order to seek compensation for the monetary harm he sustained, victims are entitled to do so if there is enough evidence to prove that another party is liable for their injuries.

Source:, “Valley architect overcomes traumatic brain injury”, Chris Latella, July 31, 2014

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