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Man rescued after Massachusetts workplace accident

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Wednesday November 27, 2013

Emergency personnel worked diligently to extricate a Massachusetts construction worker who was unable to free himself from a trench in which he had been working. The workplace accident happened at an area housing project that is currently being built. Officials are still investigating what caused the trench to cave in and where the man was located when it happened.

For nearly three hours, rescue workers attempted to clear the debris that held the man captive. The lower half of his body was encased in asphalt, sand and rock, which only hampered the efforts to set him free. Boards found nearby were used to stabilize the sides of the trench and keep it from further collapse.

Finally, the man was secured successfully to a board and removed from his confinement. Once freed, he was taken immediately by helicopter to a local hospital. The full extent of his injuries is not yet known but officials think he had several broken bones and an injured shoulder.

Since this was a workplace accident that resulted in injury, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is expected to investigate. They will attempt to determine why the accident occurred and how to prevent it from happening again. They want to ensure the safety of the people still working at the site and others who may work there in the future.

The injured man could file a workers’ compensation claim. When a workplace accident occurs in Massachusetts, workers’ compensation can help defray some of the expenses incurred during the incident. It won’t heal broken bones, but it can help pay medical and living expenses and allow the injured person time to heal without fear of undue financial distress.

Source: WHDH-TV, Construction worker rescued from trench in Ipswich, Dan Hausle, Nov. 19, 2013

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