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Massachusetts city records 7th fatal pedestrian accident in 2014

On behalf of posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Tuesday November 4, 2014

Another victim has succumbed to injuries suffered in a hit-and-run accident in the same Massachusetts community. The young woman was struck on a Wednesday evening and died just a few days later. This was the seventh recorded fatality from a pedestrian accident in the city of Brockton this year.

The driver whose vehicle struck the 26-year-old woman reportedly left the scene immediately afterwards. The victim was transported to a Boston hospital in critical condition, and she remained in the surgical critical care unit until she died. A witness to the collision was reportedly able to record the license plate of the car before the driver fled the scene.

Police tracked the vehicle owner to a residence where they then arrested a 53-year-old woman. It is claimed that the woman was intoxicated at the time of the collision and that the vehicle in question did have damage apparently consistent with an accident. The driver was charged with leaving a scene of an accident resulting in serious injury, driving while intoxicated and negligent operation.

The woman was released on bail with certain provisions, including that she refrain from ingesting alcohol. Since August, the city of Brockton has suffered six fatalities as a result of a pedestrian accident. The family of this most recent victim may elect to pursue a Massachusetts wrongful death civil lawsuit against the woman whom police have charged. Families often choose this option to pursue recovery of the enormous financial losses they incur but also as a way of finding their own closure in the aftermath of an untimely and senseless death.

Source:, “Randolph woman struck by car in Brockton dies“, Ed Donga, Oct. 25, 2014

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