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Massachusetts dog bite victim lives in fear

On behalf of posted in Premises Liability on Friday July 24, 2015

Many pet owners in Massachusetts treat their family pet is if it were a member of the family. These owners would likely swear that they could predict how their dog or cat will react in any given situation. Unfortunately, many pets, regardless of how well-loved they may be, can behave unpredictably, resulting in attacks that could have serious physical and emotional ramifications. For example, one dog bite victim in Massachusetts reports living in fear after she was attacked by her neighbor’s dog.

The victim in the case is a 92-year-old woman. As a result of the attack, the woman suffered injuries to her arm, leg and face that required stitches. In addition to her physical injuries, the woman reportedly has concerns about the dog, especially since the town’s board of selectmen recently voted to allow the dog to return home to its owners instead of having the dog euthanized.

While the dog’s owners are happy with this decision, many others, including the victim’s son, are not. The board claims that it will closely monitor the situation to ensure that certain safeguards that were conditions of the dog’s return are followed, including keeping the dog confined at all times and requiring the use of a muzzle when walking the dog. The victim’s son claims that another accident could happen if one of the owner’s three small children were to inadvertently let the dog out of the house.

In addition to concerns about her safety, the older woman is also likely facing unexpected medical bills as a result of the attack. Because the state of Massachusetts is a strict liability state, owners of animals involved in attacks are typically held financially responsible for their pet’s actions. In order to ensure fair compensation, many dog bite victims seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Source:, “Dog that attacked elderly woman allowed to return home“, July 16, 2015

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