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Massachusetts man’s back injury prompts letter to Santa

On behalf of posted in Spinal Cord Injuries on Wednesday December 18, 2013

Although the Christmas season should be a time of happiness and good will, for many people it can often end up being a very stressful occasion. Extra expenses on top of the standard monthly bills can strain an already too-tight budget. A Massachusetts man who suffered a back injury last year knows this reality all too well.

The man sent a letter to Globe Santa asking for assistance. He stated that he is a single parent raising two little girls on his own. He explained that he suffered a back injury last year that affected both his legs and caused damage to his right foot. He is trying to be self-supporting but could certainly use a little help.

The man says his daughters have changed their expectations on how they interact with him. Since he can no longer be as active as he would like, it has put limits on how they play together. He said he doesn’t want to limit their holiday season as well.

The letter further explained that the man is still paying medical expenses caused by his injury. The added cost is pushing his budget to the limit. He doesn’t want his daughters to go without for Christmas just because he’s been hurt.

For almost 60 years, Globe Santa has helped Massachusetts families in need celebrate Christmas. Their goal is that no child go without presents under the tree. This year alone they have helped 45,000 children.

Seasonal help is certainly always appreciated but — for someone with a serious back injury — help may be needed year-round. By examining all available options, and depending on who or what may have been responsible for the injury, a person with a back injury could find ways to recoup some of the costs brought on by their injury. Doing so could make the holidays — and every day — much better for everyone involved.

Source: The Boston Globe, Ailing dad asks Globe Santa to make Christmas dreams come true for two young daughters, Christopher Tangney, Dec. 13, 2013

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