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Massachusetts wrongful death: Man accused of homicide

On behalf of posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on Tuesday January 12, 2016

Human beings have a certain understood responsibility to one another. For example, when a person sees that another person is injured and requires aid, the moral response would be to seek medical aid for them. Unfortunately, in a case that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit, police believe that a man in Massachusetts did not meet his moral and legal obligations after he struck a pedestrian.

Reports indicate that the accident happened one evening in late December. According to reports, a truck driven by the man now facing charges struck a 59-year-old male victim as he crossed the street in a crosswalk. Evidence at the scene reportedly led police to the defendant, and a search warrant was issued.

While police say that they discovered evidence supporting claims that the man was responsible for the accident, they could not locate the vehicle until he allegedly confessed. Police claim that the man used an excavator to dig a hole in his backyard. After digging the hole, he allegedly placed the truck inside before crushing it with the bucket of the excavator and covering it with dirt. He reportedly claims that he was at first unaware that he was the driver police were searching for in connection with the accident. Police expect to file several charges against him, including leaving the scene of an accident and homicide by motor vehicle.

Unfortunately, a single moment of negligent driving can alter many people’s lives. The alleged driver in this Massachusetts case is facing a trial as well as the consequences of a conviction. Perhaps more importantly, the family of the deceased man is facing life without their loved one; in addition to their grief, many families struggling with such a loss must also cope with the financial ramifications, including funeral expenses and loss of wages. In some cases, a wrongful death lawsuit could be an appropriate course of action to pursue financial relief regarding the costs associated with their loss. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help grieving families decide on the most appropriate legal action.

Source:, “Palmer police to charge Monson man in New Year’s Eve pedestrian fatality“, Dave Canton, Jan. 8, 2016

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