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Massachusetts wrongful death: Mattress fell from Rte. 128 pickup

On behalf of posted in wrongful death on Wednesday February 5, 2014

Experienced drivers in Massachusetts and elsewhere know to expect the unexpected when driving. It can sometimes be the difference in keeping a near-miss from becoming an actual accident or even a wrongful death. Unfortunately, even excellent drivers cannot always anticipate what is going to happen or the effect it will have on their lives.

A woman was killed and another man injured while trying to avoid hitting a mattress that had flown off a pickup truck and landed on the road in front of them. The two were in separate cars when the incident occurred. The woman stopped without warning to avoid running into the mattress that had broken free of the restraints holding it to a truck. The man then ran his pickup truck into the back of the woman’s car.

The man and the woman were both taken to a Massachusetts hospital for treatment. The woman died there several hours later. The man received care for minor injuries. No update on his condition was available at the time of this report.

Police are looking for the driver of the truck that allegedly caused the wreck. They say the vehicle contained a driver and a passenger, both male. The two were apparently transporting several mattresses when one broke free and caused the fatal accident.

Neighbors of the woman who died described her as a hard worker who took care of her elderly father in her Massachusetts home. If law enforcement officials find the man they think is responsible, the woman’s family may opt to commence a wrongful death lawsuit. The man who was hurt may also elect to file a personal injury lawsuit. If successful, any financial reparations awarded could help cover any related expenses brought on by the unexpected and tragic circumstances.

Source:, State Police seeking truck driver that dropped mattress on Route 128, causing crash that left woman dead, Peter Schworm, Jan. 29, 2014

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