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Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $5 million award

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Wednesday January 27, 2016

Many patients in Massachusetts who enter the emergency room are confused and scared about their unexplained condition. They place their faith in doctors and other medical care personnel to accurately diagnose and treat their ailments without causing further harm. However, medical malpractice can seriously complicate a person’s condition. One out-of-state woman who suffered brain damage recently settled her claims against a hospital and several doctors who treated her.

Already suffering from confusion and progressively worsening, the woman was taken to the Northwest Community Hospital in May 2011. Testing reportedly revealed that she was suffering from low sodium levels. One of the defendants prescribed a sodium solution — a treatment that was continued by two other doctors over the course of the next two days. The woman was transferred to a different hospital approximately six days later.

At this point, representatives for the woman claim that doctors discovered that the previous treatment caused a sudden increase in sodium levels, resulting in damage to the woman’s brain. She remained in the nursing home for more than three years following her illness and still suffers as a result. The defendants and the woman have recently settled the case for $5 million, with a hospital representative claiming that the settlement was not an admission of liability.

Most medical care personnel in Massachusetts are well-trained professionals who are dedicated to their patients. However, a single mistake can have lifelong implications for a victim, often resulting in the need for extensive, long-term medical treatment. Fortunately, those suffering from medical malpractice have legal options available to them. If they can be prove that the accepted standard of care was not met, they could receive an award of damages that can help ensure that they receive the care that they need.

Source:, “$5 million medical malpractice settlement OK’d vs doctors, Northwest Community Hospital“, Emma Gallimore, Jan. 22, 2016

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