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New tool to reduce distracted driving accidents being developed

On behalf of posted in car accidents on Sunday September 21, 2014

Every day in Massachusetts and every other state, lives are shattered by a serious or fatal car crash. Distracted driving accidents have become a leading cause of death and injury in the nation. However, while technology has helped create the problem, new gadgets may offer some help in controlling the issue.

ComSonics is a company known in the cable television industry. It recently announced during a distracted driving convention that it is developing a new law enforcement tool. The technology would theoretically detect transmission leaks associated with texting signatures. The premise is based on the same techniques that cable workers use when attempting to repair transmission lines.

A representative from the company, which also maintains radar equipment for law enforcement, stated that there are discernible differences between regular cell phone calls and texts. The new device focuses on detecting the differences and will allow law enforcement officials to pull over those drivers who may be in violation of the laws in the 40 plus states — including Massachusetts — where texting while driving is illegal. Understandably, there may be logistical and evidentiary problems to be solved when this technology gets closer to fruition.

While the potential ability to prevent some distracted driving accidents is welcome news to many, the proposal is not without its issues, including questions as to how the device will be able to differentiate whether the driver or another occupant is the one using a cell phone. However, in light of the numbers of teen drivers who have admitted to sending and reading texts while behind the wheel, law enforcement may benefit from new technology that can help them prevent further fatalities. Accident victims who have suffered tragic consequences from these types of accidents are entitled to file personal injury civil suits when evidence points to another party being culpable for the wreck. Surviving families have a similar right to pursue a wrongful death claim when a fatality occurs. Successful rulings in the civil court system may result in monetary recompense for the financial harm inflicted.

Source:, “A radar gun that catches driver texting is in development“, Ionut Ungureanu, Sept. 17, 2014

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