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News: One Killed, Two Hospitalized After Braintree Crash On I-93

News: One killed, two hospitalized after Braintree crash on I-93

On behalf of posted in blog on Friday February 24, 2023

BRAINTREE, MA – Two were injured, and one life was claimed in an I-93 crash in Braintree Sunday. 

The collision occurred around 9 p.m., WHDH reported. Two cars involved in a racing incident may have led one vehicle to hit a Honda Civic and the Civic to collide with a Chevy Tahoe. 

The two drivers of the vehicles responsible for the ‘domino-effect’ collision have not been located. 

The five occupants of the Civic were unharmed and remained at the scene. 

The occupants of the Chevy Tahoe consisted of a married couple and their son. The manwho succumbed to fatal injuries was 46-year-old Michael Wojdag. 

Wojdag’s son and wife were hospitalized for minor injuries. 

Details are preliminary, and updates will be posted when they become available. 

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