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Nursing home negligence leads to untimely death?

On behalf of posted in Medical Malpractice on Thursday March 16, 2017

As one ages, the possibility of needing assistance for a specified or an extended time period becomes more likely. Illness, injury or simply age can take its toll and make it necessary for a Massachusetts resident to require nursing home care. With such care, one expects to be treated with respect and concern for one’s well-being. Unfortunately, in some cases, nursing home negligence is what actually occurs.

Recently, a daughter filed a lawsuit against the nursing home in which her mother was a resident. Apparently, during the course of her mother’s care within the facility, she was allowed to fall on multiple occasions. Furthermore, she developed a urinary tract infection which became septic. According to the daughter, these concerns, along with other incidents that appear to indicate a lack of care on the part of the facility are what led to her mother’s untimely death.

In her suit against the nursing home, the daughter claims that the facility failed to properly supervise her mother. Additionally, she claims that the nursing home does not provide a safe environment in which the proper and necessary care is provided. Specifically, she alleges that the facility did not provide the basics that her mother needed in order to live.

Many times, a nursing home environment is the best option available to the individual and the family. When one enters the nursing home, it is generally assumed that the facility and its staff will do their part in adding to the patient’s quality of life. When this does not happen, there could be a case of nursing home negligence involved. If this is suspected, one will want to work with legal counsel in determining the best course of action through the Massachusetts court system.

Source:, “Daughter alleges nursing home’s negligence led to mother’s death“, Noddy A. Fernandez, March 7, 2017

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