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One study links traumatic brain injury to higher dementia rate

On behalf of posted in brain injury on Wednesday November 5, 2014

As people age, they may tend to develop more age-related health issues. While most cannot avoid the risk of all issues during the aging process, one study has seemed to link traumatic brain injury in older patients to a higher risk of developing dementia. Massachusetts families may benefit from learning more about the possible correlation between the two, as many older residents are more prone to falls.

The researchers behind the study have acknowledged that it is not without its flaws, but it still seems to point to a correlation between the brain injuries suffered by patients 55 and over and a higher incidence of dementia. Moreover, the onset of the disease seems to shorten in patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. In addition, the older the patient at the time of the injury also seems to lead to an even higher risk of developing the disease.

Other studies appeared to rule out any relationship between a brain injury and resulting dementia; however, those studies were faulted for having too many variables within the subjects, including important considerations such as severity of injury, age of patient and length of time subjects were followed. The most recent study did include a control group, including those who had suffered injuries that did not affect the person’s head or neck and also did not seem to cause a higher risk of dementia. The researchers noted that, based on their findings, it presses home the need to improve environmental safety in an effort to prevent fall injuries in older patients.

The Center for Disease Control reported that the majority of patients who suffered a traumatic brain injury were age 55 or older. Massachusetts families that have had a loved one suffer a brain injury, as a result of proved negligence on the part of another party, may seek financial redress for the monetary harm that most likely accompanied the injury. A successful personal injury lawsuit can result in a monetary award that can ease the strain caused by any injury-related financial hardships.

Source:, “Traumatic brain injury in older adults linked to increased dementia risk“, Honor Whiteman, Oct. 28, 2014

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