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OSHA investigates fatal workplace accident

On behalf of posted in Workers' Compensation on Tuesday August 11, 2015

There are thousands of people in Massachusetts who are extremely aware of the many potential dangers they face in their workplace. As a result, they ensure that they use all safety equipment, for example, to help keep and their co-workers and themselves safe. Unfortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating an out-of-state workplace accident that, according to available reports, resulted from the failure of safety equipment.

The fatal accident happened one morning in early August at East Coast Asphalt. Reports indicate that the 35-year-old male employee was welding a piece of equipment prior to the accident. However, his safety equipment apparently failed, causing the man to become trapped and crushed.

The victim’s co-workers had freed him by the time emergency responders arrived. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead by the coroner. The accident currently remains under investigation by local agencies and OSHA.

The results of an investigation often provide some degree of closure for grieving family members while helping to ensure that no one else is injured in a similar workplace accident. Unfortunately, they will do little to relieve the financial stresses created by funeral expenses and lost wages. While people in Massachusetts who lose a loved one due to an accident at work often qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits under state law, the process of dealing with a the claims process is often overwhelming for a grieving family. As a result, many turn to an experienced professional to help them seek the compensation to which they may be entitled.

Source:, “Worker dies in Waycross industrial accident“, Aug. 6, 2015

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